Enamel water heaters

In the world of water heaters with stainless steel tank, the brand ELIT INOX has become symbol of quality, reliable and simple solutions. On the basis of positive reactions of our customers we have also manufactured water heater with enamel tank, which has distinguished itself when compared to those of other producers.

Enamel water heater TALAS is the only one on the market that has switch ON/OFF directly positioned on its lid. It is the only water heater that has a tank protected by glass ceramic layer during the high quality process of enameling. Polyurethane thermic protection of the tank is 40% thicker, when compared with those of other producers. Unique round flange covers a sufficiently wide opening which is the only one on the market that enables easy cleaning of the scale from the tank.

Glass ceramic tank protection of exceptional quality and a special magnesium anode provide the longest UNCONDITIONAL 6 year warranty for the tank.